Binary Options

Binary Options are a financial instrument, which was commonly used by institutional investors become available to retail investors since then, binary options are constantly increasing in popularity among retail investors, who are attracted by the combination of low complexity and high yields, Up to 89% Return from a Single Trade, which binary options trading provide.
Binary Options are based on a question with two possible outcome
“Will the price of an asset rise or fall?”

Predict which way the price moves and get up to an 89% return if your prediction is correct. If you are wrong, you can never lose more than you invested in the trade.
Binary options trading is incredibly straight-forward. If an investor predicts that the underlying asset is going to go up in value during the set time period allotted for the trade then he makes a Call trade (long position). However, if he predicts that it is more reasonable that the value will decline over the given period then makes a Put order (short position). If the investor predicted the direction correctly, then his trade is “in the money,” when it expires, and he wins – in case he failed to correctly predict the outcome then it expires “out the money”.
Making a trade is done in three steps.

Pick an asset to trade – any currency, commodity, stock, or index.
Make a prediction – UP or DOWN.
Choose the amount you want to trade – then click TRADE.