Bitcoin is a virtual (cryptographic) currency. It is created by means of a computer network and resulted in complex mathematical processes.
Simply put: America has a dollar, Europe – Euro, England – Sterling, China – Yuan and so on. The Internet has its own cryptographic currency – bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the currency of the future and its course since its creation (2008) is bullish, despite the fact that its course fell to 11117.61 dollars from a pick of 19,000

At the time of publication of this article, ie in January 2018, the course of bitcoin – 1 bitcoin – 11200 dollars.

CFD trading, How To Quickly make Profit on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Best Bitcoin CFD Brokers

CFD Investment – in Cryptocurrency is to trade Bitcoin and Altcoin derivatively through transactions with a contract of difference. Trading CFD is one of the best alternatives to multiply profits many times from the actual increase in the value of Bitcoin and Altcoin in the market.
Sample CFD Trading Transactions:
For example with a capital of 1000, you are trading BITCOIN CFD with 1:5 leverage, this means that when the price increase BITCOIN it will be multiplied by 5X Fold.
For Example in a case that within 24 hours BITCOIN price goes Up 3%, then with CFD trading you will generate a profit of 15% (5X3%). with a capital of 1 1000 and Bitcoin Increase of 3% in one day, then you earn a profit of 15% (5X3%) of 150%

BENEFITS OF Trading CFDs on Bitcoin
As a means of diversification and hedging
bitcoin CFD buyers will earn a dividend without tax withheld Capital is small, but profits can be many times over
High liquidity
Security – storing bitcoins safely is not a simple operation.
Sophisticated and professional Trading Platform

To invest or trade CFDs on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you may register with the Exchange / Broker providing CFD investment instruments. After that, you can make a deposit then go directly to the CFD market and buy the type of Cryptocurrency that you would like to trade When Trading CFDs on Bitcoin Trading you can use a leverage of 1:2 up to 1:10 leverage